Travel Vaccinations for developing countries

  Real-world advice for Backpackers / Independent Travellers - 2016

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 About this website

I'm a long-term backpacker from the UK, I visited 18 South American & African countries between 1995 and 2014 - usually via the cheap and cheerful route, I've had my share of scrapes & near-misses during that time, but I can honestly say that I've enjoyed (almost) every minute of life on the road!

I wanted to share some real-world tips and tricks, on getting vaccinated, avoiding bites and understanding why following some fairly simple rules can go along way in helping you stay healthy during your trip.

I used the following sources either as the basis for some pages on the site or to simply cross-check my facts:

 Volunteering in Latin America by Connie Martin
 The Wellcome Trust
 The Centre for Disease Control
 NHS Direct
 The World Health Organisation

I tried not to cross the line in terms of offering any actual medical advice here (I'm not qualified) but I wanted to offer my own opinion, as well as the lessons learned from my time on the road, I hope you find the site to be useful.

Paul Fletcher
paul [at]


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